How To Gather Brand Assets

Today we are answering the question, What is an Asset to My Brand?

Here are the Two Ways to Determine If You have a Great Brand Asset on your hands:

You and everything you’ve created so far.

Are you a writer? Grab a quote book or search quotes by your 20 favorite thought leaders. For me they would be Tony Morrison, Martin Luther King, Ralph Waldo Emerson, David Ogilvy, Joseph Campbell… or 20 of your industry keywords. For me they would be ‘Branding,’ ‘Naming,’ ‘Taglines,’ ‘Entrepreneur,’ ‘Creativity,’ ‘Marketing,’ ‘Leadership…’ You get the point. Whether you sit down with a book or a laptop, it takes a day or so to write 100 quotes. And here’s the fun part; once you start you can’t stop. It’s like when you get a car and suddenly see 1000s of them everywhere. You will start to see inspiring quotes everywhere. Snippets of conversations suddenly become snippets of information.

What is considered Brand Assets?

Let start with the easier to identify and then go into the more subtle but also more effective brand Assets:



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