What’s the #1 Reason Good Brands Fail?

The one mistake that dooms good brands to failure.

Good products that work perfectly can still fail if the branding exercise is flawed. To make sure that the product does not fail and is able to achieve the success it is capable of, it is important to think less about the product or the brand and more about the ideal individuals that the product is targeted towards. Branding isn’t a one way conversation but a dialogue; a discussion — the best conversationalists are the ones that listen. It is important to connect and interact with the ideal individuals and to present them with a real possibility of a greater future.

Listen to your ideal audience.

People remember how your brand makes them feel. To make your ideal audience feel good about your brand is to really listen to them; give them the validation they seek. Get honest feedback about your brand from people. Find out if their brand perception matches yours, whether your brand fulfills the real needs of the entrepreneur and try to create a real connect with them. Tweak, change, redefine and redesign your brand to be what your ideal audience desires.



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