What’s Your Millionaire Morning Routine?

YOUR Time to Rise

I believe it was J.M. Power who once said, “If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up,” so let’s jump right in and discuss your perfect wake-up time.

  • Allot YOU Time. The activities you choose for your morning routine MUST include the things that serve your mind, body, and soul. Allot enough time for what brings you more joy, more health, and more energy.

YOUR Time to Refuel

Maybe you’re the type of entrepreneur who luxuriates in a cup of coffee first thing, the type who needs an hour to stretch and hydrate before they start getting hungry, the type who arises hungry as bear craving a hearty breakfast — the most important thing for your Millionaire Morning Routine is giving your body what it needs to win the day.

  • Choose fuel that gives you energy. Some entrepreneurs need a hearty protein-rich breakfast to get their engines running while others thrive on a nutrient-rich power shake and a handful of almonds. Honor your process, and stick with what feels great to you.

YOUR Time to Ramp Up

Some Entrepreneurial types include a strenuous workout into their Millionaire Morning Routine, such as weight-lifting or an hour of power yoga. Other entrepreneurs hit the morning magic bullseye with a brisk walk in the fresh air, or a slow deep stretching routine — and prefer to save the more high-intensity workouts for the end of the day, to help them reset and burn off excess energy before winding down for the night.

YOUR Time to Reflect

For my own Millionaire Morning Routine, time to reflect is my absolute favorite. For me, this means gratitude journaling. Reflecting on my gratitude first thing in the morning gives me exactly the right dose of morning magic I need to win my day. I’ll often include things that I am working towards, as though they’ve already happened. This is how I unleash my enthusiasm and align myself with my goals for the day. Your time to reflect is all about creating the mindset that will make you feel powerful, capable, and grounded in your big why.



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